Small Batch Ice Cream

Seasonal Flavors

Mint Oreo & Fudge

Vegan Pickled Strawberry & Blueberry Pie

Milk & Cereal 


Sour Cherry Brownie Cheesecake

Butterscotch Fudge Cookies & Cream

Lavender Honey Comb

Peanut Butter Chocolate-Covered Crack

LA Mill Cold Brew Coffee W/Coco Nibs

Billionaire Brownie

Brown Sugar Bourbon 

Whiskey De' Coco

Campfire Marshmallow

Unicorn Cotton Candy

Vietnamese Coffee

Key Lime Pie

Burnt Sugar Vanilla

Panna Cotta Raspberry

Yuzu Boysenberry

Tuxedo Salty Caramel

Blood Orange Chip

Black Raspberry Chip

Banana W/Choc.Chips

Gold Standards

Smoked Almond Rocky Road

Milk Chocolate Bittersweet Chip

Vanilla Bean

Organic Farmer's Market Strawberry

Cookies and Cream

Butter Pecan

Rouge Chocolate

Fresh Mint Chip

Vegan Ice Cream - w/coconut milk & coconut cream

Vegan Turkish Coffee Chip

Vegan Coconut Roasted Almond Joy

Vegan Chocolate Covered Strawberry

& Freckled Chocolate

Vegan Cookies & Cream

Dark Choc. Peanut Butter

     "Selections subject to          change at all times"

Baked Goodies
Daily Baked 


Chocolate Chip


Sea Salt Choc Chip Pecan


Giant Brownies

(all made from scratch)

All baked goods while supplies last


"Selections subject to change" 

 Divine Pops

Jolly Rancher- Vanilla Ice Cream, Dipped in Blue Raspberry hard shell, Rolled in Crushed Jolly Ranchers.

Birthday Cake- We blend Birthday Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream together, Then dip it in Strawberry White Chocolate, Rolled in Rainbow Sprinkles.

Lemon Cake- We Combine Lemon Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream together,Dipped in Lemon white chocolate and dusted with Rainbow Confetti Sprinkles.

Cookie Monster- Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Pop ,Dipped in Blue Raspberry hard shell, Rolled in crushed Oreo's.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry- Dark Chocolate Raspberry Ice cream, Dipped in Dark Chocolate, Dusted in Lavender Sanding Sugar.

Roasted Almond- Vanilla Ice Cream Bar, Dipped in Dark Chocolate, Rolled in chopped Roasted Almonds.

Organic Strawberry- Organic Strawberry Ice Cream, Dipped in Dark Chocolate.

Passion Fruit- Passion Fruit Ice Cream, Dipped in Dark Chocolate.

Mango- 100% Mango all Fruit Pop

3X Chocolate (Vegan)- Dark Chocolate Ice Cream, Dipped in Dark Chocolate and rolled in Guittard 100% Chocolate Sprinkles.

Coconut & Chocolate (Vegan)- Coconut Vegan Ice Cream, dipped in Dark Chocolate, Rolled in Toasted Coconut.

    "Selections subject to change at all times"